Kiddy Kastle Products

Kiddy Kastles can be hired in three standard size options and, if required, can be customised to fit your environment (i.e. colour / size). 

For hire charges please contact your local Totzone Kiddy Kastle representative on 09 570 5559 or via email

Standard Size Options

Option 1

1.4 metres x 1.4 metres

Option 2

2.1 metres x 1.4 metres

Option 3

2.1 metres x 2.1 metres

Kiddy Kastles come with a great range of toys that help develop motor skills, hand-eye
co-ordination,visual and auditory stimulation, colour recognition, shape and size recognition, number and letter recognition,concentration, logical reasoning, independent and imaginative play. Toys that will keep children occupied for ages. They are made of high quality plastic, steel and / or wood and are easy to clean, and most importantly, child safe!  They include things like rocking horses, kitchens, mail boxes and the ever popular bead tables and coasters which seem to mesmerise children.

Cherie – National Bank

Having a safe and entertaining place for children to play while their parents are in the Bank is really important – it takes the pressure off everyone.  Toys and colouring-in books just don’t keep children entertained for long and we’ve found the Kiddy Kastle keeps them happy and entertained for ages.  We’ve even had ours made in the Bank’s colours.